7 Expert Tips for Hiring a Snow Removal Company

September 29, 2022

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Hiring a professional snow removal company is an excellent investment for commercial property owners and homeowners alike! Snow removal is often difficult and dangerous, and risks property damage. Additionally, you probably have better things to do with your time than tackle snow removal!

When it’s time to hire a snow removal company for your property, where do you start? How do you find the one that’s right for your needs? To ensure you make the best choice, check out 7 quick tips for narrowing down your options. This information should help ensure that you’re happy with your chosen company for many winters to come!

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1. A snow removal company should offer various service options

No two properties are alike, and their snow removal needs aren’t alike either! In turn, you’ll want to find a snow removal company that offers service options. For example, a reputable company might offer to brush or shovel walkways, rather than only offering heavy-duty plowing.

Also, many property owners prefer the use of natural snow-clearing materials rather than harsh salt. Consequently, snow removal companies might use sand or other eco-friendly choices. Don’t hesitate to shop around for a company that offers the services you need!

2. Look for a company with experience

Effective yet safe snow removal requires some hands-on experience. A contractor should know how to plow without damaging pavement, and without emptying snow where it might risk property damage. Additionally, an inexperienced contractor might underestimate the time it takes to clear a lot. Consequently, it’s vital that you choose a snow removal company with experience.

3. There’s a difference between residential and commercial snow removal

Some snow removal companies specialize in commercial lots, requiring heavy-duty equipment. In turn, they might not manage residential snow removal safely and effectively! Residential lots often require manual shoveling or sweeping, or smaller plows.

Note that some companies provide both residential and commercial snow clearing services. However, if you’re a homeowner, be wary of a company that only offers commercial plowing. They might not have the smaller equipment or experience needed for safe residential snow clearing.

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4. Never choose by price alone!

When hiring a snow removal company, of course you don’t want to overpay for their services. However, you also don’t necessarily want to choose the cheapest contractor either. A contractor who underbids other companies might be compensating for a lack of experience or equipment. On the other hand, a skilled and reliable contractor will price their work accordingly.

5. Be wary of a snow removal company making unrealistic promises

An experienced, reliable snow removal contractor will always have several customers they must service after every snowfall. In turn, you don’t want to choose a company making unrealistic promises about their service times. A reputable company is always honest with customers about when they can address snow removal and their completion times.

6. Check a company’s online reputation before hiring them!

As with any contractor, you can usually find reviews for snow removal companies online. In addition to Google, be sure to check sites meant for contractors. These include Angi, Thumbtack, Houzz, and others. These reviews can tell you if the contractor is reliable and reputable.

7. Don’t hesitate to ask about their insurance policy and coverage amounts

Rarely will a snow removal company damage a client’s property, but it can happen! However, their insurance policy should cover the cost of repairs for that damage. Consequently, a potential client should never hesitate to ask about that policy and its limits or coverage amounts. A reputable contractor is typically happy to share that information with anyone.

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How do you prepare for snow removal?

Once you’ve hired a snow removal company, you might wonder how you prepare for regular removal. One step is to ensure your chosen company knows of any obstacles in the way of snow removal. Two, discuss any surfaces that might need special care, such as gravel driveways or stone walkways. Your contractor might need to adjust their tools and techniques to avoid damaging these areas.

Also, it’s helpful to put things away before an expected snowstorm. For homeowners, this means parking cars in the garage when possible. Commercial property owners might also move as many vehicles off their parking lots as possible. This simple step means fewer obstructions for your snow removal contractor to work around.

Additionally, property owners should remember that their contractor probably has lots of other clients to service. It’s not typically helpful to call the company and ask when they’re arriving, or to expect top priority. Having to answer such calls usually only causes more delays to your contractor’s schedule.

How do you get rid of heavy wet snow by hand?

If you need to address heavy, wet snow before your snow clearing professional arrives, check out a few simple tips. First, ensure you’ve dressed appropriately, with nonslip shoes if possible. Second, be ready to take the time needed for safe removal, rather than trying to rush the job.

To clear the snow, scoop small shovelfuls at a time. Work according to the snow’s weight and your physical abilities, not the shovel size! Start by skimming small layers off the top of the snow and continue this process as needed. Once you get down to the last layer, you might use an outdoor broom to sweep the snow rather than shovel it.

Use sand or other clearing materials as you work, to help melt the snow and alleviate some of the work. Above all, work slowly and take breaks when needed to avoid putting stress on your back, lungs, and heart.

Snow Removal Services Denver is happy to provide these 7 quick tips for hiring a snow removal company. If you’re in the market for expert services on your property, contact our snow removal contractors. We offer FREE quotes and reliable, affordable snow removal. We specialize in services ranging from residential walkway clearing to large-scale parking lot plowing and more. To get your property started, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team today.



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