The Best Methods for Residential Snow Removal in Denver

July 15, 2022

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If you’re a homeowner looking for easier residential snow removal in Denver than shoveling, you’re in luck! You have many choices for dealing with the city’s harsh winter weather and heavy snowfall. Additionally, there are also more snow removal tools and salt alternatives on the market than ever before! In turn, you don’t need to rely on harsh, damaging chemicals to help melt snow and ice on your property.

Before you go another year struggling with residential snow removal for a Denver property, check out some suggestions. As always, ensure your safety when tackling snow especially when it gets heavy, and temperatures drop. Above all, call a professional if you struggle physically or have health concerns making snow removal difficult or dangerous.

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What are the best methods for residential snow removal in Denver?

In truth, shoveling isn’t always the best method for residential snow removal in Denver. Scraping shovel blades against various paving materials risk damage and unsightly marks. Also, shoveling puts tremendous strain on a person’s back, shoulders, heart, and lungs!

Rather than using a shovel, consider some alternatives for managing snow removal on your property. These can be safer for paving materials and even for you physically!

  • A leaf blower makes quick work of blowing away light, powdery snow. When using a leaf blower, ensure you keep track of where you’re directing the snow. Also, keep power cords out of wet snow or melting ice.
  • Leaf rakes are excellent, especially for breaking down thick, compacted snow. As with raking leaves, drag the rake across one layer of snow, going over the same areas as needed.
  • Outdoor brooms also remove snow one layer at a time! Invest in a high-quality, stiff-bristled broom and simply push it along the top of the snow. You can do this as often as needed to remove even the thickest snowfall.
  • Indoor brooms also work on light, powdery snow. These are especially excellent for wood porches or patio pavers, which are easy to scrape with metal shovel blades.
  • A homemade alcohol wash is excellent for melting snow and ice. Combine 1 teaspoon dish soap and 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol to a half gallon of hot water. Spread this over snowy or icy areas. The water melts snow and ice while the alcohol prevents the water from refreezing.
  • If you need an alternative to standard snow salt, try playground sand or kitty litter. Sand and litter trap heat while also providing traction.
  • White vinegar also helps to melt snow and ice while being safe for plants and your lawn.

Quick tips for easier residential snow removal

You can make snow removal around your property safer, faster, and easier with just a few simple tips for snow removal! First, keep track of your driveway, walkway, and other spots needing snow removal by installing tall stakes. Second, don’t wait until it stops snowing to start clearing your property! The longer you wait, the thicker and heavier the snow and the harder you’ll need to work.

Also, invest in tarps you can set down before the snow arrives. Then, simply pull the tarps up or roll them as needed to remove snow. Do the same once it starts snowing if you’re expecting heavy snowfall. Set down another tarp after it snows a few inches, if possible, so you can remove snow in easier layers.

Additionally, keep an eye out for falling snow above your head! Work cautiously around roof eaves, trees, and the like. Snow can easily slide off these features and bury you without warning. Lastly, avoid piling snow up near a structure’s foundation to avoid water damage to concrete or piers and beams.

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Should you hire a pro for residential snow removal?

Don’t assume that paying someone to manage your needed snow removal is a luxury just for the rich! As with many other home maintenance tasks, it’s often better to leave snow removal to the pros. One reason to invest in professional snow removal is that they ensure safe shoveling, plowing, and other services. Two, a professional can make quick work of removing even the thickest snow from the largest property.

Above all, hiring a professional for needed snow shoveling and removal keeps you safe. You won’t need to worry about hurting your back, knees, and shoulders when you call a snow removal company. Hiring a professional also means not risking a heart attack or making breathing problems worse. Your snow removal costs are then an investment in your property and yourself!

Snow Removal Services Denver is happy to provide this information about residential snow removal in Denver. If you’re ready for expert plowing, shoveling, and other services, call our Denver snow removal contractors. We offer FREE quotes and guaranteed services. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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