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Top-Rated Deicing Techniques for Denver Residents

Does your front porch and steps look a little frosty this morning? Professional deicing in Denver can quickly take care of your slippery problem. Since 2012, our company has been making sure residential and commercial walkways, and parking lots stay safe during temperatures that leave moisture frozen to cement and asphalt.

There's nothing more heart-stopping than walking out to your car in the dark of the morning and feeling your feet slide out from underneath you. Every year, slip and fall injuries due to icy conditions cause thousands of Colorado residents to visit local emergency rooms. Our goal is to prevent that from happening through expert deicing services.

Through trial and error, we've found the best ways to combat ice on solid surfaces so that walking and driving on them are safe and less nerve-wracking. Our professional snow and ice removers would love to help your property become ice-free this winter. You can call Snow Removal Services Denver right now for prompt services.

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What are the Benefits of Using Sand for Deicing?

There are a few different ways to keep outdoor surfaces from being coated in ice during the winter. One of the most reliable solutions is sand deicing in Denver, CO. We certainly utilize salt and liquid deicing methods when appropriate, but here's why we prefer sanding:

  • Non-Corrosive - When sand is applied to concrete or asphalt surfaces, it doesn't corrode like salt or brines tend to. Sometimes salting can lead to road and walkway damages.
  • Long-Lasting -Unlike salt, sand sticks around for a very long time and doesn't need frequent reapplications. Even after the ice has melted, the sand remains and continues to provide traction for foot and vehicle traffic.
  • Non-Toxic - Unlike salt, sand does not form a brine which kills plants and grass. Also, sand will not harm pet paws. It's essential not to allow your dog's paws to come in contact with salt brine as it can injure them.

Now, there are pros to using salt as a deicer, and we do use it to initially melt away ice as sand is not a melting agent. However, we like to place sand over the top of the freshly salted area. Would you like to learn more about deicing methods? We invite you to visit our frequently updated blog page for a wealth of information.

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Do You Need Deicing in Denver? Don't Wait!

Have you considered deicing your roof in Denver, CO? Perhaps, you never considered such a thing. However, just like driveways and parking lots, roofs need to be deiced too. Keeping your roofing system free and clear of ice and snow thwarts damages and keeps your roof intact for longer, especially when it is subject to the brutal winter conditions of Colorado.

We also recommend regular deicing services for porches, steps, roads, and more. Failure to keep your public walking and driving spaces deiced can lead to some disastrous consequences such as injuries and liability lawsuits. Not only does slippery surfaces lead to people getting hurt, but it can end up costing the property owner a lot of money in damages.

The good news is our company has a solution to blast away ice and snow from your life. We'd love to speak with you about the options that we have available. Won't you call, email, or fill out our online form today to initiate a FREE consultation and estimate? Safety depends on it!

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Proudly Deicing Denver One Parking Lot at a Time!

If you've read this far then, you know we deice much more than just parking lots. Roofs, steps, sidewalks, and driveways are our specialties! We've got a brine or sand solution to combat ice from most outdoor walking and driving surfaces.

The top priority of deicing in Denver is to keep people safe from injury. The Colorado winter months are exhilarating, and the state offers its residents a lot of fun activities, but if you're laid up with a broken leg due to slipping on the ice, well, you won't be having very much fun.

Professional deicing treatments ensure your surfaces stay safe and have traction. We hope you'll reach out to our snow removal company for all of your deicing needs. Our rates are consistently low, but our results remain high.



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